"Save Our Ship"

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the S.S. Keewatin products goes to KEEPING The S.S. Keewatin in it’s original home of Port McNicoll, ON Canada.

The Keewatin has faced many challenges over it's 113 year history but this may it's largest yet. We truly need your support in helping us keep the Keewatin in her home port and to maintain her history in the Georgian Bay area where she has now been for more than 8 years. With tens of thousands of visitors over those many years coming from all parts of Canada and from around the world to experience the glory of this Canadian icon and relive her history.

We applaud the many volunteers and supporters in the Tay County and from the surrounding communities who have given so much of their time and efforts to restore the Keewatin. It would be an absolute tragedy for all concerned if the ship was to be moved.

Please help "Save Our Ship" aka SOS; by purchasing the Special Offer that includes; a Keewatin Special Edition book and a newly minted Royal Canadian Mint Keewatin limited edition commemorative coin and receive a free copy of the best selling book "Steak in a Drawer" (a $20.00 value) and with NO shipping fees!

We also welcome and are grateful for any donations. Those over $50.00 will receive a tax receipt from the Foundation. We value your help at this time. Proceeds from the sale of any Keewatin product also goes to the Save Our Ship fund.

We thank you for your support!